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Observation completes it (chided for not registering a Mercedes) cars in the street to me volumes
at best, Lowell’s sliding by like fish, we’re yet aquarial in museums the Hockney bat room they were
felt, appliqué on kidblue walls with red light on, all the lights reversed gels Sortileges
and old-fashioned striped barber aprons did not come to mind for the b&w Rake set why are we
(modular fireplace block set flame dumb as Diamond wood matches now less per box) to be a dance, hello to ash
as a touch of purple in a blonde (with red plastic hairclips like mussels on pasta) appeals,
marchioness contralting’s sword hitting the w hard. . .people in beards and shorts run.
It’s the brands that are hard, no reason to retrieve or notice as in nurseries, garden shops the gravel suffers
kettledrum burlap trees nothing (the presumption) where it will be and sand
in piles for putting aerating maybe but not likely any displayed pot rose
fasces and peaches or plum labeled the thin whippy branch denuded, showroomed cars
tea in my cup for a third coffee, hideous penciled portrait obscured today by a hanging plant without (much) style.
Aquamarine I haven’t thought of in so long as a birthstone for me, lapis and so on lumped by Hall as
junk stones, Saturnian, and for astrologers ivory counts as a stone.




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