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Inspector Mole’s First Case
Off to Thompson if possible…
Uncaptioned (mole, screw and globe)
Vampyr Mole Essaying Drip Coffee…
Uncaptioned (bat)
Mole Dreams
Uncaptioned (bat, woman and man in bell jar)
Lucia di Lammermole
The Body in the Bath
Somerville Public L
Uncaptioned (hooded figures by lamplight)
Sun glaring or lights bright…
Star Dogs - Time runs backward in exile
Star Dogs - Don’t miss an episode
Uncaptioned (the engineering of the papillon)
Star Dogs – Actual and Dim
Star Dogs – Castaway on Schmiedel’s Planet
The Stockbroker’s Apotheosis
Exhibits we wish we’d seen
Dallas Galleries #4 – Alison Kraft Photos
Dense Moments – The Sausage Test
Making Place Cards…
The Quote Factory
Ceramic Casket (Real Bulbs)
Amusing with Captions #4
Ragworld #1
Off to Camp Lookalike
Great Moments in Dallas Art #31
Decline of the Humanities
Bad News for Fly-by-Night Investors
Eat your peas
Great Moments in Austin Art
“We have a deity who has accomplished..."
Dense Moments –What Hope for Dead...?

Letters to Ling

Uncaptioned (change)

Encore, Monsieur

Eshleman on separating out our animality

False Advertising!

Friedrich Nietzschke...

Uncaptioned (bat and dial phone)

Uncaptioned (mole at grave)

Uncaptioned (bat magician)

Mole States

Moral Tales #1

Uncaptioned (office)

Poetry Workshop

Uncaptioned (pretzels)

That's not funny, Herbert

The Grape Magic Theater

The Secret of the Jimenez Sculpture

The Talking Alarm Clock

Tissot Society Library

Albert would have liked...

A standard turn at the Tower of London