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A leading edge for instance is not an image, the slime mold that
pluckily creeps as the bean around the string. A stretched
string not green but pulpy twist, a limp thing you can trust to go
unlooped for sizing, temporary rigidities, the tent
not to be looked at sea shells palmettos that what on the beach walked on may in another
connection be stove, hearth, bones or shells in it not
Come at the thing in time teed cross shadow where sun on my knees
is like, in feel, a plaid blanket. Nestor drinking tea
you said narrative landscape and little objects, the cup may be repaired
transparent tape thought of over the crack the imagined cup (fourhandled)
drawn stippled, the plate with another (of taut strings) showing the site
a grid is not energy but completion.
Anteriority. There was once a thin-paper Cary Paradiso read in it my
first plane up what Ginsberg did with his Sapphics this this (minus
the accent). Irby tabloid piracy we’ll mail all to be buffeted
in the post newsprint cancellation or glued slip folded like discount food.
A tiny runabout turned by cardboard and spraypaint to a tank moved
in these floats like an insect, dappled green and this thing, cannon, out the front
and troop carriers happy in red teeshirts saying track team had become
one thing fribble jello with cut cabbage surplus
any rolled thing canvas frames over cast shadows in Africa like trucks.
Emily Carr made less of brushstrokes than anyone of her period but her
eccentric compositions took courage or ignorance, carved wood triangle front hogan
is façade but wonderful like an amusement park you live in
or Homer in two slim volumes given with Greek to match the Cary.



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