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If interest is sulfur attention is mercury and this reworks an old question by introducing what by
luck is a second “element,” the resistance measured by warmth, in our minds the dimness at the top
of an alembic quite hot overall, small plugs with pendent rings for iron tongs to pull out
fiercer fire, our carbon rods the drama of measurement. The furnace
tender wore funny goggles, listened to crepitation in the dry vessel. Our womb
lovely word the model for equipment, fingers pincers eyes around which, as
in Cagliostro’s spectacles in Annemann, hieroglyphs or some kinda symbols do not
dance but are dial readings on the wearer, how everything contemplated in fire breaks
the heart (my heart) nearly as I nearly say this visible dry heat is the house of value, the
word valve in romanic. Well, these can be plugs with pull rings too, my interest
engaged as an oval portrait in an oval frame abolishes guarantee, the French schoolteacher, his
cigarette smoke one motion (it seems) of Manet’s brush this acceptance, that what may go together. . .
Anyway in the mind kings and queens twist around each other in sleep, vegetal rather than squirrels, pythons, worms whose
bristles may be interesting encountered, the thick band with organs in like the glans
the fashion of their amicability a function of yet uningested soil.




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